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PulseVU for Wii

PulseVU for Wii

by Bradley DeLorenzoDecember 7, 2006


Will the PulseVU interfere with the normal operation of the light bar?
No. Whenever the Wii wants to use the lights, the PulseVU is completely disabled and the Wii has full control.

Will this damage the LEDs over time?
LEDs are designed to be able to turn on and off rapidly, and are designed to last 100,000 hours. The PulseVU does not put the LEDs under any strain.

Can I do this through software, or must it be a hardware mod?
Until the software on the Wii is hacked, which may never happen, or may be years away, it is not possible to make software for it. So unless Nintendo releases an update to do these features, you’ll have to install the hardware mod.

Can I return my Wii to Nintendo if there’s a problem after installing this?
By opening any device, you void its warranty. To install the PulseVU, you must completely dissasemble the Wii, thus voiding the warranty. You should only perform this mod if you know what you’re doing, because if you damage the Wii in the process, Nintendo most likely will not help you and you’re stuck with an expensive doorstop.

How can I install a PulseVU into my Wii?
We will be selling manufactured units at this site by the end of the weekend, for just $20. If you’re a programmer, you can instead build your own with the soon to be released source code and schematics.

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