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WordPress Wii Edition Plugin

WordPress Wii Edition Plugin

by Bradley DeLorenzoDecember 27, 2006

Here is viewed on the Wii Opera browser. The text is un-readable (without zooming) and you can only see one article (actually only 1/4 of an article). Also, since my site is usually graphically and video heavy the Wii browser cannot bookmark it.

This is the same page of viewed on the Wii Opera browser. This time I activated the Wii Plugin (Which I have personally dubbed “Wiipress”). I can now view 9 articles, the text is easily readable from a distance away, it can be easily bookmarked, and it takes on the css and images used by the Wii Shopping channel. The great thing is that it only displays this way when viewed on the Wii.

Here is an article after you click on it from the main page. The images, comments, links and formatting all fit the TV screen GREAT.

About The WordPress Wii Edition Plugin:
The WordPress Wii Edition Plugin is a plugin that automatically renders an optimized version of your blog when visitors come to your blog on a Nintendo Wii running the Opera browser. Wii’s are automatically detected, there is no configuration needed. The theme used by the plugin is based on the colors of the Wii interface and uses the “Wii� font at sizes that provide for easy reading on TV screens. This plugin was inspired by Alex King’s Mobile Plugin.

Why is this plugin useful?
Webpages on the Wii are hard to view on default zoom and on many pages (designed wider then 800 pixels) you will have to scroll from side to side. In addition, font sizes that work on a computer screen don’t render well on a TV screen. As such we put together this plugin to make our favorite blogs a bit easier to read.

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