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Vicious Cycle Middleware

Vicious Cycle Middleware

by T.J. GoforthMarch 1, 2007

Here is some new equipment to help the Wii production of games to go more smoothly, and possible faster.  This only be a good thing-the developers will have more time to focus on graphics instead of just the gameplay.  We’ll have more games, but hopefully they aren’t rushed.

Taken from IGN:

Today, Vicious Cycle Software announced that it has added its middleware solution, the Vicious Engine, to Nintendo’s Wii Third Party Tools Program.

The Vicious Engine brings to the table an easy-to-use middleware solution for multi-platform game development. The Vicious Engine allows smaller development studios to make multi-platform games without having to employ a large staff of full-time programmers.

“Wii is a remarkable platform with boundless potential,” said Eric Peterson of Vicious Cycle. “As a Wii middleware solution, the Vicious Engine will provide developers with a practical approach to exploring the unique and creative possibilities of Wii. Our technology allows developers to focus on what makes Wii special-fun gameplay and innovative peripheral integration.”

The Vicious Engine’s Wii development tools include support for point-and-click scripting, Wiimote and Nunchuk integration, intuitive AI development, and straightforward platform conversion. Hopefully, the increase in middleware tools like this leads to easier Wii development.


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