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The Masses Surge to

The Masses Surge to

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 14, 2007

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According to Nielsen/NetRatings, a major Internet media and market research firm, has seen a 91% increase in its unique visitors over the last year. While it’s impossible to say this is all purely fueled by the Wiis popularity, it’s probably safe to assume that most of it is.

Microsoft’s site also saw a huge surge in traffic (probably due to the red ring of death) while Sony’s actually saw a decrease. I wonder if all this traffic to is really fueled by people interested in Wii and Nintendo information or just a bunch of desperate gamers trying to get their hands on a pair of component cables and an extra Wiimote!

Site Feb ’06 Feb ’07 YOY Growth 856 1,631 91% 827 1,218 47% 1,105 1,016 -8%


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