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The New York Times: Wii Sports Experiment

The New York Times: Wii Sports Experiment

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 15, 2007

New York Times Wii

This was printed in the March15, 2007 The New York Times on page G8.

Written by Bradley Melekian of The New York Times

The article talks about a wide range of things regarding the Wii, I’ve posted the part about my site below. Click on the thumbnail or link below to read the rest.

This is just a snippet:

TO hear her tell it, Diana Neary (WiiNintendo’s, heysuburbia’s, fiance) is “a terrible, terrible bowler.â€?

New York Times WiiBut on a recent trip to a bowling alley, Ms. Neary, a production manager at the South Philly Review, knocked down pins like a trophy winner even though it had been ages since she had rented bowling shoes. She credits her newfound skill to an unlikely source: three months of playing Wii bowling, a Nintendo video game.

“For the Wii bowling, I would stand a little bit to the right, get down really low and twist my hand,� said Ms. Neary, who rolled a 102 that day at the bowling alley after a lifetime of scores in the 60s. “I did exactly what I did in Wii Sports bowling at the real bowling alley and it worked.�

Mr. DeLorenzo (that’s me, WiiNintendo’s heysuburbia) even issues an ultimatum: “Whenever I play with anyone, we set ground rules like ‘you have to use full range of motion.’ â€? Otherwise, people can cheat.

He has another reason to keep the level of play high. The world is watching. His fan site,, where he documented six weeks of play and the loss of nine pounds, helped him win a book offer. Some users think of him as their own “Jared from Subway,� though Mr. DeLorenzo has no official relationship with Nintendo.


Read the rest of The New York Times article at the link below…

A lot of people in my area (Philadelphia) have a Wii Sports Bowling league in the works, with the help of the website,, we were able to collaborate and have 30+ people who are in talk about starting a Wii Bowling League in an actual bowling alley, more details on that later…


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