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NiGHTS to appear on the Wii

NiGHTS to appear on the Wii

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 21, 2007

Speaking to representatives close to the project, we were told in no uncertain terms that a new NiGHTS game is about to be uncovered. NiGHTS will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Wii platform.

“Yes, there is a new NiGHTS coming, and coming quite soon actually,â€? we were told today by a representative close to the project who agreed to speak with us under terms of strict anonymity. “It’s a full game too, not a rehash of old NiGHTS for Virtual Console as some have said it might be lately. It’s a whole new game.â€?

Many would agree that NiGHTS was a fantastic game that defined the Saturn, and many more will say they’d seen it around but never played it because they never had access to a console it ran on. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the NiGHTS Into Dreams pop up on the Virtual Console too providing the Saturn rumours were in fact true.


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