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Finally, a good Simpsons game?

Finally, a good Simpsons game?

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 10, 2007

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Monolith Electronic Arts have confirmed that The Simpsons (working title) is being developed for the Wii, DS, PS3, PS2, Xbox 360 and PSP for release this fall. The new title will be action-based over 16 levels, each created to be an episode of the hit series.

Every episode will apparently feature unique title animations, settings, and stories written by the writers of the TV show. Every episode requires the player to control two family members, or one each with a friend if you choose to play co-operatively.

Apparently, the Simpsons family realize at the beginning of the game they have been trapped within your games console, and decide to use this to their own advantage to get special powers. Bart becomes able to transform himself into Bartman, Homer into Homerball, etc.

With a witty script full of the usual pop culture jokes and it’s said that they make fun of the videogame industry itself, it sounds like EA have another hit on their hands. We’ll bring you more details as its release approaches.

More concept images at GameSpot

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