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Videos & “News” from Nintendo Media Summit

Videos & “News” from Nintendo Media Summit

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 24, 2007

Mario Party 8 Trailer (above)

Matt at IGN sums up a very lackluster conference:

“What a bummer. Nintendo essentially held an event for four Wii games we’ve already covered extensively. You’ve got Mario Strikers Charged, which is a great game. Problem is, it’s out in the UK and we’ve been posting impressions and media for weeks. Our UK team has, in fact, already reviewed the European version. You’ve got Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree – another great game that we played at great length at the Game Developers Conference a couple months ago, where we posted detailed impressions and published screens and videos. Then you’ve got Pokemon Battle Revolution, which has been out in Japan since December and the only difference for the American version is the new English text. Incidentally, we’ve also covered the hell out of that game. And finally, Mario Party 8. There is at least one game that we haven’t totally blown out already. The problem, though, is that a final, boxed copy of the mini-game fest arrived on my desk before – yes, before – I left for Nintendo’s event. Arrrgh!”

At any rate here are some new videos you may or may not have seen yet:

Picross DS trailer

Planet Puzzle League trailer

Big Brain Academy trailer

Pokemon Battle Revolution trailer

Mario Strikers Charged trailer

Nintendo Media Summit overview

Mario Strikers Charged developer online walkthrough

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