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Nintendo VIP Stars to Nintendo Wii Points

Nintendo VIP Stars to Nintendo Wii Points

by Bradley DeLorenzoJune 23, 2007

Everyone has been talking about this. Finally putting good use to those VIP stars you’ve collected over the years… But at what price will they come? They did accidentally put up 1000 Wii points for only 789 stars during a test phase, so that may be an indication of the final price, but I don’t believe they’d ever use a number like 789, or that small a price.
Now there is no price tag for a VIP point, though people try through eBay, but I will make a simple comparison, so we know what we can expect. DS games have been trade-able for 5000 VIP stars in the past. So let’s make a simple UK/DE (Germany) comparison. This chart is based on the average price of a product based on my experience and research.

DS Game £30 €40
2000 Wii points £15 €20

In both cases the Wii points are half of the DS game and with a DS game being 5000 VIP stars in the past, that leaves us with 2500 for 2000 Wii points. At this stage Nintendo might as well do a 1 to 1 conversion, after all we do buy the games.

I would like to point out that the UK is paying €4.63 and €2.32 more for a DS game and Wii points respectively.

Now to collect 2500 VIP stars you need to buy 10 games that have 250 VIP stars or more. With games ranging anywhere from £20 to £40, that’s quite a sum of money for a few Wii points for free.
I would recommend that everyone that has a Club Nintendo Europe account link it to their Wii, because this might be what even makes you eligible for the purchase. Simply open the Shop Channel, go to Settings, click the Club’s logo and link your account. You’ll now also receive VIP stars for VC titles. I cannot link my account, because my eMail address has punctuation in it before the @… supposedly non-alphanumeric characters in either the eMail address or the password cause errors when trying to link your account. Changing my Club Nintendo eMail address didn’t seem to help and Nintendo support won’t reply. At the end of the day, I do want to use this eMail address and not a different one.

When is this expected to become available? Nintendo has only said soon or shortly up to this point, but since the new privacy policy really kicks in on the 15th of July, a guess would be soon after that. We are talking 3 weeks here.

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