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Weekly Challenge #13

Weekly Challenge #13

by Bradley DeLorenzoJuly 3, 2007

Sorry for being a day late this week but I was mobbed at work yesterday and simply didn’t have a spare second.

(Note to self: no more Wario Ware challenges)

With an all time low ammount of entries this week the winner and only entrant is cookie with a top score of 7491 Kelories. Well done to you!

Weekly Challenge #13

I have a competition that EVERYONE (who owns a Wii) can enter and does not require ninja reflexes and hours of doing the same thing over and over.

This week I would like to see your best Mii representaion of Wario (you all need to learn to love him after last week).

Please post all entries in this forum

Click here to view the rules

Even if you do not want to enter just head over to and have a look at the entries.

Good Luck!

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