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Super Smash Bros Dojo Update #55

Super Smash Bros Dojo Update #55

by Bradley DeLorenzoAugust 8, 2007

kid icarus

“Kid Icarus: The Underworld” (1:06)

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Composition Supervisor: Tanaka Hirokazu
Arrangement Supervisor: Sakai Shougo

• The copyright for this music is held by Nintendo.
• Check your volume settings.

You can play Kid Icarus on Virtual Console now. Have you tried it? You should really get a hold of this game and just sink your teeth in.

In terms of music, I think the most memorable themes for players were the Grim Reaper theme and the Game Over theme.

For this arrangement, I had these themes incorporated.

You might imagine it to be a bit forced, but I think it sounds quite good.

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