Game Night Was A Fluke

Hey Guys and Gals,
Yesterday turned out to be a total disaster. We had no games going and only about 3-4 people willing to play. So, I have decided to make this weeks game one quite a few people said they had and they would play it with us.

This game will have you jumping around, and transforming you into morph balls. Its Metroid Prime Hunters.

Get practicing as the next game night will be Friday evening.

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Hope to see you there'

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  • flamingsquirrel

    heh, well, hopefully by friday, I’ll have my Wifi up, then I’ll definitely be playing. Too bad I suck @ MPH

  • [][][]

    Well this should be nice, I’m a 5-star hunter on MPH! Sorry I couldn’t be at the last one, but I don’t have MKDS anymore. :(

  • mazer4455

    hehe, im terrible at MPH, i dont even have a star hehe.

    but i dont play online much.

  • Wishale

    Damn, I didn’t catch the time. :(

    I wish I could have gotten up for it!

  • MJ

    Sorry, but I could’ve told you it would fail. What you have to do is change the structure. Give it more time at the beginning, so you know before hand the exact time, the exact date, etc… once this becomes standard you can do the same every week.

    Catch my drift?