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Mario Party meets Pokemon in New DS Title

Mario Party meets Pokemon in New DS Title

by Dan JohnsonAugust 30, 2007

New developer LichKing Studios is looking for a publisher for their new game: Destiny’s Dilemma. No screens yet, but we’re looking to secure an interview. Press release follows:

Lich King Studios Begins Development Of Destiny’s Dilemma

MORRISVILLE, NC – August 29, 2007 – Lich King Studios began development of Destiny’s Dilemma this month. Destiny’s Dilemma combines the best parts of board games, card games, and minigames in a fresh and fun way. The gameplay compares to a combination of Pokemon and Mario Party or Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales and Puzzle Quest.

Players traverse game boards and battle each other using timed, touch screen abilities represented as cards. To successfully use an ability card, a player selects it and completes the corresponding minigame that is presented. When one player eliminates their opponent’s hit points, they win the battle and receive rewards such as new cards. The flow and gameplay is immediately addicting and accessible as players race against the clock to acquire better cards for battle.

This title places an emphasis on light deck building and multiplayer action. Aside from the single player story mode (featuring cut-scenes and dialogue), a flexible suite of multiplayer games is available for both local and internet wi-fi. Graphically, Destiny’s Dilemma is sure to please with its blend of 2D and 3D components. Characters are large; originally-styled sprites while backgrounds are a mix of real time polygonal objects and sprite overlays. This title appeals to casual players due to its character-driven nature, touch screen controls, board game setting, and prominent minigames. Meanwhile, the deck building, item system, and streamlined battle rules provide the strategy and depth that will satisfy hardcore players and add replay value.

About Lich King Studios, LLC
Lich King Studios is a new development team that specializes in portable, mobile, and casual games. Based out of Morrisville, NC, they are currently seeking publishers for original or licensed titles. The Lich King Studios team possesses over a decade of experience and is extremely flexible regarding development work and IP, so they are a good choice for developing small licensed games and portable ports. They are capable of working with numerous tools and engines, as well as implementing custom software solutions. The company’s current expertise includes exceptional wi-fi coding, strong 2D art and low-polygon 3D construction, and well-organized design documentation. The company’s preferred platforms are the Nintendo DS, XNA, Sony PSP, and mobile phone. Interested parties please visit for more information

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