Metroid Prime 3 endings

Here are the 3 Metroid Prime 3 endings. Now be very careful for if you click on more what you do cannot be undone there are Huge Spoilers. So again be careful.

Metroid Prime 3 ending

Metroid Prime 3 ending (75% bonus)

Metroid Prime 3 ending (100% bonus)'

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  • flamingsquirrel

    Once I finish the game, I’ll come and watch the rest.

  • ti-1798

    the 100% one wasnt a huge spoiler… actually it really didn’t show anything. just samus and her zero suit…and her being folowed by some ship

  • Hologram

    Supposedly (and I stress this “supposedly”), the ship in the 100% ending is owned by none other than Sylux, the blue lightning-shooting, tri-bomber from Metroid Prime Hunters. I went onto Youtube and compared the two ships and they do have the same basic design (forward and back prongs). Interesting.

  • potatoman

    unless (probably im wrong but) unless dark samus was COMPLETELY DESTROYED THROWN IN A WOOD CHIPPER SMASHED INTO A MILLION PEICES AND BURNT TO ASHES that might be his ship.

  • Hologram

    First, this is the last Metroid Prime game. I doubt they’ll keep Dark Samus (Metroid Prime itself) around if the game series it is named after is ending. Second…

    *Spoilers Ahead (but obvious ones)!*

    Dark Samus gets blasted again at the end of the game (obviously). The opening cutscene seems to imply that when DS gets obliterated, she needs a large amount of Phazon to regenerate. You can trust me that, at the end of the game, there is NOT enough Phazon in the area for her to regenerate. Plus, I’m pretty sure Dark Samus can just fly through space.

    *End Spoilers!*

  • FourTails

    that was definately Sylux, im 100% sure

  • [][][]

    Ugghhh… I’m raging a war inside my head whether I want to watch these or unlock them all by myself…. I already unlocked the normal ending though! 😀

  • [][][]

    Uhh… I’m 99.999% sure that was Sylux’s ship…. But I thought he died in Hunters?! Oh well, he was the most loved hunter in there besides Trace, and I’ll welcome him back in the next series of Metroid! I’d know the ship anywhere, I spent some time on top of it using my AR! :)

  • FourTails

    none of the hunters actually died, watch the last video in hunters and you’ll see 6 lights shoot away from the obuliette before it explodes

  • RockMan_Forte

    I just beat the game 95% complete. I was hoping for a better 100% ending than that. Seriously, we all have seen the Smash Bros. video with Zero Suit Samus…

    Besides, doesn’t MPH come in the Metroid timeline after MP3? If so it makes sense for Sylux’s ship to make a cameo, as a thing for the fans to say “Hey, that’s cool”.

  • Arun

    No, MPH is between MP1 and MP2

  • cristhian

    I also think thats silux ship and MP Hunters is after MP3C maybe that’s the reason on the game of MP Hunters never appears a single place with phazon because it was completely eliminated
    and I started to think MP Hunters wasn’t in the saga of MP cause the saga talks about the phazon virus

  • DFMaster

    No, MPH is between MP and MP2. The reason that is no Phazon in Hunters is because the Alimbic Cluster is far beyond the Galactic Federetion Solar Systems, the only afected with Phazon (See Logbook in MP3). And yes, the ship that followed Aran’s is the Delano 7, Sylux’s Ship.

  • acid

    but in mph sylux die

  • Jeff

    Seeing as Metroid Prime and Dark Samus are all one in the same thing… it makes perfect logical sense that any game with the name “Metroid Prime” is part of the Metroid Prime series.

    From all the major sources I’ve read, Hunters does take place in between Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2

    That doesn’t bother me at all… what does bother me is that if the entire Prime series chronologically takes place between the original Metroid/Zero Mission and Metroid II: The Return of Samus….. what sort of ending is an unidentified ship tailing Samus?

    This ship (whoever the pilot is) has absolutely nothing to do with anything related to Metroid II, Super Metroid, or Fusion.

    Unless Nintendo is planning on re-making Metroid II (which I personally think would be nice) with some ties to the ship.. the only other solution is to cram another game between Metroid and Metroid II.

    • Josh Butler

      OR dark samus ordered her ship to leave(if she has one i'm not sure)

  • Good Kitty


    • Ryo

      NO, YOU SUCK!!!! GO TO HELL!!!!

  • SirVenom

    That was very random…. especially in a half-year-old article…

  • metroidnerd143

    well it could be sylux and it probably is but they are currently making “metroid new m” for wii and it has nothing to do with that ship blasting off as far as im concerned. I personally think that “metroid new m” wont have another 2 games I think they might make another trilogy that takes place after the prime trilogy and this mysterious piolot following samus could be a new villan thats been watching her all along (I also was thinking it could be SA-X but im not sure when metroid fusion takes place, before or after the prime series). but i still think this mystery wont be solved for sometime becasue “metroid new m” hasnt even been released yet.

  • jordan richardson

    i think that the new metroid game won’t be a prime series but a mother brain series. the mother brain was actually a aruara unit(i learned this through a different website so don’t judge me). when ds fused with th au ds could have been rencarnated the same way she was created. i think if that was sylux he might have something to do with the corruption of the au’s/mb

  • laDeeDa

    Can no one in here spell?
    They’re obviously keeping a tight lid on the story. What sucks here is that it’ll probably be a couple of years before any light is shed on who’s in that ship, in spite of the chronology (which, according to Nintendo, all you little arguers, is:
    Metroid, Prime 1, Hunters, Prime 2 & 3, Metroid 2, Super M, THIS NEW GAME, and Fusion)

    • Ryo

      I have a feeling that that ship marks a sequel to the prime series: Metroid Dread. One thing’s for sure, Sylux is possibly back

  • ethan

    theares a metroid prime after this metroid prime 4 the other m!

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  • bob

    sylux is bak