Assist Trophie Lyn: Dojo Update #77


A young girl from the Sacae plains, Lyn (whose true name is Lyndis) makes a guest appearance from the Game Boy Advance game Fire Emblem.


Lyn descends gallantly. She looks tough.

She wields what looks like a classical Japanese sword, so she’s similar to Samurai Goroh, but her sword strokes are a little different from his reckless slashing.


She crouches and builds up power…


She vanished?!


The flash of a blade!

You’ll get helplessly cut down if you suffer a solid blow from this blade. If you call her forth as your ally, grab your enemies to make them easier for her to hit.'

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  • Flyingsheep

    both updates this week are kind of boring so far.

  • Hologram

    Boring? First, Munchlax and Lyn were each contenders for a slot as a playable character in each of their series. Munchlax was the 4th Gen mascot along with Lucario, like Plusle and Minun were in Gen 2. Lyn is one of the more popular Fire Emblem lords and is unique due to a rapier + bow style plus she’s a female which the series currently lacks. So, right off the bat, we get two characters whacked with the AT-stick.

    Second, we simply found out what these characters do during their attacks. Lyn teleport slashes which is simple but Munchlax one can theorize with. Is he merely like Mr. Saturn, wandering across the field to each item or does he rush to them, knocking people out of his way? Does anything happen when he becomes full like spitting out the items at rapid speed or evolving into Snorlax? We don’t know.

    While the updates haven’t been awe-inspiring they certainly are not boring.

  • Max

    I wanted Lyn to be playable.

  • Spooky

    as did I. Ditto Max…

  • Steve

    @ Hologram — Well, I hate to be technical, but Munchlax is not an AT; he’s a Pokeball.

  • Hologram

    @ Steve:
    Good point. A technical one, but a point none the less. :)

    @ Max, Spooky, and other Lyn supporters:
    As for Lyn being playable, I think they made her an AT for two reasons. One is they have someone else in mind for the next Fire Emblem. The second is the chance that Takamaru from Nazo no Murasame-jō is in. He’s Nintendo’s first Samurai character, Japan-Only (Sakurai said there might be some of these) and he’s popular IN Japan. The reason he could be why Lyn (and Goroh) aren’t playable is because they both wield samurai katanas. Still, anything’s possible.

  • Matt

    NOOO… i wanted to play as her.