Future US to Publish Nintendo Power


Next-Gen publisher Future US will be taking over publication for Nintendo Power, the magazine that for years has been published in-house by Nintendo of America.Nintendo Power has been in publication since 1988. Future US will also be producing the Nintendo Power website at www.nintendopower.com.

Nintendo of America senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications George Harrison said of the agreement “By teaming with Future US, Nintendo is ensuring the continued growth of the magazine’s circulation and bringing even greater value to Nintendo enthusiasts. The team at Future will carry on the quality and traditions of Nintendo Power, and the magazine will now be available at more newsstand locations than ever before.”

Future US’s President Jonathan Simpson-Bint added “We are honored to be selected as the new publisher for an industry touchstone like Nintendo Power. This is an opportunity for Future to use its core competencies – great editorial, deep knowledge of young men’s lifestyles and technical expertise – in service of one of the world’s great entertainment brands. We couldn’t be more excited to get started.”

The first Future US-published issue of Nintendo Power will be the December 2007 edition, which will go on sale in October.


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  • http://scottspeaks.com ScottyF311


    Speaking of SMB3…why isn’t that on virtual console yet?

  • Will

    I thought it was interesting that they pointed out their expertise with young men issues. Doesn’t particularly sound like a good way to expand upon the growing Wii user base.

  • http://wiinintendo.net/index.php?s=MJ MJ

    Who cares? Nintendo Power was always a weird quirky magazine, but then failed all of a sudden really, well not all of a sudden, but it happened.
    Watch AVGN’s Nintendo Power episode. I used to love their reader mail section.

  • fadecy

    Future all ready does the UK Nintendo Magazine.
    They quite good.

  • scullum2001

    @ fadecy — Thanks for letting us know. I was kinda worried, but hearing that makes it seem ok.

  • http://g4tv.com/~Shawne201982 Shawne Vinson

    Hey, will does the Nintendo Power Magazine’s ever been, changes different between the choice of new generation?