Obscure II interview; DS version coming?

Obscure II Screen

PlayLogic, the people behind the PS2 horror game “Obscure” have previously announced a sequel, coming to Wii and PS2. Cubed3 has scored an interview with them. In the interview, Jesse America, the producer of Obscure II, manages to not give away any real details; except that there is co-op, six playable characters, and that the team is considering a DS version. He also comments that the game is:

“More light hearted compared to the RE games. This and the unique co-op mode off the game, aim at a different experience when playing.”


When asked about any WiiConnect24 or Wifi capabilities, he responded

“At present this is not in our plans.”

Read the full interview HERE

Watch a trailer HERE


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  • Rob

    I’m pretty sure the sequel is either out or coming to PC also very soon, and it looks very good. I think it will be great on the wii. Not sure about the DS but I think it could be good if they do it right.