Nintendo error makes Mario fans Angry!


What do you get when you try to type out the release date of the biggest Nintendo game of year with your elbows and fail? Armies of angry Mario fans, that’s what. A tidal wave of Mario-related rage is sweeping the net as the official Nintendo Europe website mistakenly declared Super Mario Galaxy to launch on Christmas Eve. We just want to let you know it was A MISTAKE.

The site’s inaccurate “in the shops now” box (pictured) has now been changed to state the true European release date of Mario’s off-world stunner which remains to be (thankfully) November 16. US get it on Nov 12.'

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  • mariofan

    The site is down.

  • scullum2001

    I don’t understand. Why are they upset if they are getting it earlier than they had thought? Unless when the read the errored date, they thought it had been moved back… But it’s all good now. We all get it in November!

  • MJ

    Quote: “The site’s inaccurate “in the shops now” box (pictured”

    Pictured where?

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