Rockstar Giving Away a Manhunt 2 Branded Wii

Rockstar announced today that it’s holding an official contest for its upcoming title, Manhunt 2. Rockstar and Radio Rebellion are teaming up to offer gamers a fantastic prize of a 50inch Plasma TV and a special Manhunt 2 branded Wii, which will include the game.

If I was into that kind of Game. It’s very nice looking with all the blood splatter it’s a one of a Kind!

Entrants must be over 17 years old and live in America. The contest will run until November 20. Click here to enter.


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  • Roth

    Too bad it wouldn’t arrive in time for Halloween. That would be perfect hit. Guess I’ll finish up the second mission in Resident Evil 4 then.

    // Roth

  • Dave

    I’ve tried for 2 days to access the website and it will not let me enter and I’m 36 years old. what gives?????????/


  • Matt

    Hahaha… that’s an awesome wii