Time for a box art or three!

Time for a box art or three. Here’s Hooked, a fishing game which actually comes with a fishing rod accessory.

Fishy in the water, fishy in the sea.

Next we’ve got the latest in the Trauma Center series, New Blood.

Lots of thought put into this?

Last is the European version of .

Zombie nation.


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  • ti-1798

    the fishing rod is going to be the coolest accesory for the wii remote!

  • http://wiinintendo.net/index.php?s=sirvenom SirVenom

    I want Hooked!
    My dad loves fishing games, so I want to get it for him… any idea when it is out?

  • Beximus

    i was wondering when the fishing rod would happen.

  • Troutfisch

    Whoa…the PAL region box art for Umbrella Chronicles puts the U.S. cover art to shame.

  • Wishale

    Hmm, awesome new peripheral!

    I’m curious how that works