Nintendo’s Talks Hardcore Gamers – Iwata

Good news for the Wii Hardcore fanbase, Iwata has stated that Nintendo is once again shifting somewhat to the Hardcore demographic. Iwata stated “Some experts argue that our success is short-lived and temporary. So, we now need to make efforts to constantly expand the player base by offering services and titles that can appeal not only to those who have never played games but also to those who play them hard.” Thanks for remembering were here.'

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  • jservs7

    Must mean theyre already working on the sequel to Action Girlz Racing.

  • sxyspaz

    iwata is loved by all.

  • /\/Nox\/\

    Great,I have been waiting for some better hardcore games for ds since Metroid Prime Hunters.
    Keep up the wonderful work mr.iwata!

  • blockss

    No More Heroes, Man Hunt 2 and the exclusivity of Fatal Frame 4 and Monster Hunter 3 its a sign of support.