Wii for all.

Nintendo’s innovative Wii console deserves a lot of credit for expanding the Video Game industry.

Sure, the core demographic still consists of the 18- to 35-year-old guys who came out in force for last month’s “Halo 3″ launch.

But the Wii has attracted younger and older players as well as women – audiences that most of the industry had largely given up on.

Toddlers and geezers alike appreciate the Wii’s simple controls. Even people who have never played a video game before can automatically grasp the way the Wii’s motion-sensing remote is supposed to work. While an amateur wouldn’t stand a chance in a “Halo” death match, just about anyone can enjoy Wii bowling.

Since the Wii’s arrival last year, I’ve had more parents asking for game recommendations than ever before.


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Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • http://www.myfamilylovesit.com John

    I hadn’t bought a console since my N64 and had no plans to until the Wii came out. Having a ton of fun playing Wii Sports and Carnival Games with my kids. I think DDR and Ping Pong will be added to my collection during the holiday season. Still waiting for a good racer…might have to hold out for Mario Kart.

    Any rumors about Mario Tennis? I loved it on my N64 and seems like a no brainer for the Wii.

  • sxyspaz

    tis yopic says “wii for all” but all i saw was the expanded audience. it seriously feels that people saying things ignoring hardcore gamers are flaming the wii just as much as any microsoft or sony fanboy. be careful what you post

  • sxyspaz

    okay… maybe i should be careful what i post. my bad for the spelling errors. lol

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