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Guilty Gear: Wii

Guilty Gear: Wii

by Bradley DeLorenzoOctober 20, 2007

The fighting game Guilty Gear XX Accent Core will be released by 505 Games for the Wii in February according to Digital Spy.

The game will utilize Wii remote controls for attack moves while the nunchuk will be used to move the fighters around.

This might be fun, but personally I’d like to see someone release a fighting game (say a Mortal Kombat game) where you strap multiple remotes around both hands and ankles so you can control punches and kicks with your hands and feet. Something like the powerglove ,but for all your hands and feet.

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Bradley DeLorenzo
  • October 21, 2007 at 7:40 am

    That would be a full body workout. It’d be tough to keep all the movements in tact by the time you reach the boss. It’s an option but it shouldn’t be the only option. Even if this full body control becomes popular, it would make the classic joystick and pad feel kinda cheating, well unless one is really quick on full body control.

    I don’t mind seeing ankle/feet pads for soccer/boarding/biking games though.

    // Roth

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