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Dedede Special Moves: Dojo Update #109

Dedede Special Moves: Dojo Update #109

by Dan JohnsonOctober 26, 2007

<Up Special Move: Super Dedede Jump>


Look! That’s a serious jump!


And he lands HARD!

King Dedede’s great jump is his specialty! But he doesn’t have much freedom while jumping, and his vulnerability when he lands is pretty significant.

That said, if things look bad, just tap down on the Control Stick.


You can flip over and cancel it in midair.

However, if you try to cancel just before landing, you’ll make a fool of yourself, and you’ll be vulnerable for even longer, so watch out.

<Side Special Move: Waddle Dee Toss>


Just toss them out there.

He pulls out Waddle Dees from who knows where and throws them. The Waddle Dees then waddle around afterward.


Occasionally a Waddle Doo appears…


And Gordo, too.

<Down Special Move: Jet Hammer>

This time, King Dedede’s hammer is actually mechanized. The head’s rotation is powered by a motor.

And it can do this.


Whoa! What is this?!?

If you hold down the Control Stick and the special-move button simultaneously, you can charge up his hammer. And you can unleash it in one blow!


The power of the jet multiplies the destructive force!

You can even walk around with it charged up, but you can’t save the charge by pressing the shield button. Also, if you charge it up too much, it will increase your own damage, so be careful.

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Dan Johnson
  • Joe
    October 26, 2007 at 7:49 am

    YAY! Waddle Doo!!!!

  • Rane
    October 26, 2007 at 4:05 pm

    I think that Sakurai should stop announcig special moves right after the character’s announced, and start at least updating the veterans’ special moves, like Zelda’s. I’m waiting to see if she can still change into Shiek, and if not, what her new move is.

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