10 Minutes of Battalion Wars II

Here’s 10 amazing minutes of BWii (Which it has come to be known). I hopefully will be doing the review for this game. As we are nearing the release I’m getting very excited since I love strategy games (and the first Battalion Wars) and the Wii so it seems to be a perfect fit for me. I hope that this game will live up to my expectations it looks as if it will, but only when I get my hands on it will I know for sure.


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  • http://WiiNintendo.net FlamingSquirrel

    Who did this preview?
    looks kewl, voice chat for friends over co-op would have been SOOOO much better

  • http://www.randomfool.net loof

    Sound like your review will be completely objective and unbiased. 😉

  • DC3fanboy_NL

    When I see this preview, it looks so easy. But when you go online I think that it is allot diffuclt. Nice preview man. It seems that it is verry fun this game.

  • http://WiiNintendo.net FlamingSquirrel


    *cough*HALO 2*cough*

  • Spyker

    Yay! Maybe I’ll do a review on the forums before you :P.

  • http://www.xanga.com/relaxing_roth Roth

    Dang, the water simulation looks really nice.
    So how many players is it offline?

    // Roth

  • Max


    It will be harder to impress me since I play alot of strategy games. That will probably be one of the things that will hurt it ,but will see and I promise it will be a fair review.

  • Wishale

    Looks like a great game.
    Not a SURE buy for me anymore, but it will be something I check reveiws for and possibly purchase!

    It actually looks quite hard, for me atleast because I am TERRIBLE at multitasking.

  • chrisbjwii

    I wanted to no if Online 2players can vs others online like partners online?

  • Joe

    Great voice acting too! I will definitely get. Thanks for the great preview.

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  • kevbo

    Already pre ordered my copy and patiently waiting ;-}