WiiNintendo Wallpaper

If people like this I may make more, enjoy!!


About the author:

Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

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  • Wishale

    Fix the WiiNintendo.net text, please!

  • Spyker

    Nice, but I’m not much for advertising (sort of) desktops. And it’s too small for my screen (1920×1200). I just use my own photoshop pictures.

  • Harry

    Are you British? Because that house looks very British.

    And wallpaper is shweet

  • blabla

    Edited by SirVenom:
    We have no problem with you stating an opinion, but watch your language. Also, posting with a seemingly “anonymous” name does not make you anonymous on the internet; keep that in mind as you troll the internet.

    Also, as for your comment on FloatingWorld…
    He owns you.

  • neo@lex

    tis cool. altho it should have the silicon thingie, and maybe some sun…
    that appears so be a very constructive comment for futer modifications, and your webname is very imaginative, congratulations on those achievements.

  • [][][]

    Wow Blabla, it’s not my favorite wallpaper ever and I probably won’t use it but that was just mean. Apperantly you are the only one here who hates it that much, but you do have your opinion…

  • http://forums.wiinintendo.net/ SirVenom

    I edited blabla’s comment; we do not tolerate language.

  • fadecy

    Yeah sorry guys I was just testing the waters, I’ll have some better ones in the future, with better text and more professional pictures. This one only took about 30 mins. And to be honest it is a bit dark.
    I don’t know what that blahblah guy said, but how can you complain about a FREE wallpaper? Does it offend his people or something?

  • http://forums.wiinintendo.net/ SirVenom

    Blabla was the only one that was really complaining, and he seems to be just a troll.

  • JamesT

    Holy crap thats good