MapWii hits 1000 Friend Codes


21794 Wii Numbers! 1000 Friend Codes! has been one my favorite Wii sites due to the fact that it takes the guessing game out of friend codes, especially locally.  Above is a screen shot of my pinpoint built onto Google Maps API via MapWii, little did I know that 30+ Wii gamers are within a mile of me with their friend codes available for me to choose from. is international, so check out who’s in your area and set up a tournament or something, will ya.'

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  • Martin

    This is a great site! and they now have dedicated chat rooms for each Wii online game, so while Nintendo won’t let you talk to your friends whilst playing them online, will…Totally recommend this site!!

  • Roth

    Totally forgot all about this site.
    I only just remembered, but now that the Check Mii Out Channel is out, I don’t see the need for MiiPlaza.

    Although, a MapWii Channel is a very good idea, eh? Would love to see how that would work. Probably only detects Wiis that are Wi-Fi WiiConnect24 enabled.

    Map/GPS Channel!

    // Roth

  • Dostovel

    Yep, an awesome site. It is THE place to be if you have a Wii and looking for friends all around the world to have a great time.

  • mariofreak63

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  • jordan odem

    pleez be friend