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WiiNintendo appears in “Nintendo World” Magazine

WiiNintendo appears in “Nintendo World” Magazine

by Bradley DeLorenzoNovember 22, 2007

 Nintendo World
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WiiNintendo reader, Carlos Eduardo Netto Alves, from Brazil brought to my attention that WiiNintendo was featured in the latest issue of Nintendo World Magazine (Nintendo World #107 , pages 42 and 43 to be exact).

Here is a translation, provided by Carlos:

Looking for a definitive answer about the benefits Wii brings to health, the blog got into a challenge called Wii Sports Experiment for a month. The experience consisted in playing Wii Sport everyday for 30 minutes, without any changes on feeding, and take notes of alterations on weight, cardiac rhythm in rest, body fat percentage, body mass index and calories loss per session.

Among all the results, which by the way were very positive, what got most of the attention was the body mass index, once it was burnt four kilograms only by playing Wii daily, an enviable mark for those who lost hours sweating in gyms. More than that, it was verified that Wii Boxing burnt 125 calories in just 15 minutes. Wii Tennis was the vice-leader on this topic, burning 92 calories in the same amount of time.”

Thanks a million for sending this in Carlos, it means a lot!

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