Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

This post isn’t really about Videos Games ,but For the past week I’ve been at my Grandparents with no Video Games (The horror! lol!!) It was a great week anyway I got to see the Family (you know the meet and greet thing) and eat a lot, So I just want to know what have you been up to? and How was your Thanksgiving?

~I hope all went well Max


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  • http://abxy.org/u/noodle93 Noodle_93

    Terrible really :P. My country doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving!

  • Max

    That’s sad. Besides it’s real meaning it’s a great excuses to pig out.

  • buckley

    We Had A smash bros melee tornement for the last peice of pie.us lol

  • http://www.xanga.com/relaxing_roth Roth

    LOL @ battle for pie~
    Wish we had something like that but we had lots of leftovers.
    The three of us friends played a few Mario Kart Double Dash matches and DS games after eating.

    // Roth

  • Flyingsheep

    WarioWare battles…

  • greatest

    me, i just ate turkey, dinner rolls, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, and some other good stuff. my grandmother came from Houston (TX)to stay with us for about a week (she’s still here). after the feast, i just relaxed and played games on my N64, for old times sake.