Nintendo of Canada Wii Tid-Bits?

Nintendo of Canada put out a press release celebrating the Wii’s one-year anniversary, and it came with some interesting info on the system (might be a little old ,but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things since Thanksgiving.)

- Wii has been consistently sold out since it launched on Nov. 19th 2006

– More than 69% of Big Brain Academy Wii Degree games have been registered online by Canadians aged 44 years and older

– According to, Wii is the number one gift item for wedding registries

– Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Alberta is using Wii to help its patients with movement and balance issues

– Studeo 55, a fitness facility in Vancouver, has incorporated a Wii workout station into circuit training

– Home Instead seniors homes across Canada have brought Wii in for special games nights and tournaments

– Coast-to-coast malls, conference centres and event facilities are hosting Wii parties for birthdays, reunions, corporate functions and other celebrations'

About the author:

Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • buckley

    Freaking sweet

  • Sporky

    That’s a lot of old people getting their game on. Wonder if they have degrees before they got their wii.

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