Kid Attacked By Dog While Playing Wii

Sorry, not breaking news, but it brightened my day. Hope it does the same to yours. Seeya.
(The video isn’t as violent as the title makes it sound)'

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  • nate

    he got humped

  • Wishale

    I MUST say, that made me laugh.

  • Kevin

    el oh el

  • jeremiah 239


  • Flyingsheep

    my dog tried to do that to me once when I was that young. luckily I escaped.

  • Manu

    dog sticks wii in a boy playing wii???

  • xero

    There’s too much Wii for me in that video…

  • Wiifuser

    oh that’s real nice. that’s when you get up, and kick it.

  • Nightshot

    Lmao. Owned in the ass

  • rquattro

    and the boy seems to be loving it!

  • Mack2D2

    that kid obviously doesn’t know about the birds and the bees just yet…

  • Corey

    I saw this on Attack of the show.

  • letsplaywii

    What game is he currently playing?

  • fadecy

    I think he was playing medal of honour…

  • Beximus

    lol i guess it can still be considered an attack XD

  • .

    the kid got attacked AND raped by dog.

  • Ayce

    That was horrid. That dog rapped him and the person with the camera just sat by and let it all happen.

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