Wii Remote Candy Dispenser

Wii candy Dispenser
Pretty nifty right?

Link Here:



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  • Corey

    Ok… How much?

  • scullum2001

    Umm, yeah…nifty. :-S

  • Roth (on Wii*d)

    5 Bucks! Cough it up!
    LOL~ just buggin..

  • xero

    so wait, I can buy a wii remote that shoots out candy, but I can’t possibly find a Midna stuffed animal? what has happened to this world?

    Nintendo needs to jump on the bandwagon and start licensing things other than candy dispensers and expensive figures.

    c’mon, I can buy star wars bandaids and bubble bath with spiderman’s head as the cap! (not that i would……..hehe)

  • scullum2001

    @ xero — it wouldn’t be jumping on the bandwagon, really. i mean, they used to have their name on lots of stuff…used to…

  • Taylor

    It would be fun to buy this and switch it with the real thing.

  • scullum2001

    @ Taylor — ummm…sure, but probably cheaper to just buy the real thing.

  • Subrosian

    Is it me or is the A button letter overly huge…