On the 6th and 7th day of Wii-mas

My true love gave to me!

6 Virtual Console Systems!

SNES/Super Famicom
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

We grew up with these systems and now for a correct amount of Wii Points we can get the
games we love and learned.

For the 7th day (today! :D) I have a well known one for us!

7 Wii Hardware Pieces!!

Wii Wheel
Wii Remote Jacket
Wii Remote
Wii Nunchuk
Wii Classic Controller
Wii Zapper
Wii Balance Board

Not only are these Wii-named peripherals, they are first party as well!

*A note from the writer..
Sorry for missing a day!  Personal problems came about!


About the author:

Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • Ymous

    Em…how can the Console be an accessory when it is required to use any of the others?

  • potatoman

    Where did you get that picture???!!! I MUST KNOW!!!!!!!111ONE!!!1

  • http://WiiNintendo.net Wishale

    The console isn’t an accessory, that is the 6th day (yesterdays)

    Todays was the accessories.

  • http://www.xanga.com/relaxing_roth Roth

    Haha, you messed up. It’s supposed to be first-party hardware since accessories only are too many to name.

    I got a good one for Day 9. I’ll shoot you an email.

    // Roth

  • MinutesToMidnightLP

    I don’t know where its from, but the picture is really detailed – came free with NOM a few years back.

  • neo@lex

    ur being flamed for placing a console in accessories, but no one else has gone to the bother of doing daily posts of an advent calander. maybe you could have put “wii remote jacket” instead of the console so people wouldnt “need” to get annoyed…

  • bobo

    “Wii memory card” instead of “Wii console.”

  • bobo

    Whats the 12th day gonna be, I wonder.

  • http://www.cipc.com Remus153
  • http://www.xanga.com/relaxing_roth Roth

    LOL @ “Hardware Pieces” and Remote Jackets
    I think you’re confusing yourself Wishale. Hehe \:D/

    // Roth

  • silentchuck

    That picture IS awesome. Yet nowhere do I see Mario or Sonic. Even still, I love it.