Brawl Rumors!

This is from Gamefaqs, and was posted after stage builder was announced. Now this is still a rumor, but his credibility has grown.


I don’t know the user, but this kind of hard to ignore becouse of when it was posted and the announcement of dragon today (Which is something he predicted).

“Ok, I’m not trying to get attention here or anything, but I’ve got some insider news. I can’t give proof, and if I could I wouldn’t. I thought it was bull until Monday. I was told there was a stage creator. So far, this news has been correct. So check this out…

He said Wolf was in the game

Falco is returning.

Ganondorf is returning.

Captain Falcon is returning.

Lucario is taking Mewtwo’s Place.

Ness is returning.

Zelda can turn into Sheik.

And there are these items called “Dragoon Parts” I did some research and apparently they’re from Kirby’s Air Ride. Supposedly, if you collect all three parts you can do some devastating move where you control a crosshair and do a crazy rush or something.

Oh and Final Destination is back.

I wish there was more info squeezed out, but there wasn’t. If you don’t want to believe, don’t. I know there’s a lot more to be revealed besides this anyway. Let time prove it, as it has begun to.”'

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Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • Mythbusterbro

    Any news about Luigi?

  • Max

    Not right now, but I’m trying to contact this guy to see if he would take a stab at any other predictions.

    Maybe a WiiNintendo exclusive? and if he’s turns out be right about everything I’ll be happy.

  • hullbreach

    Most of those predictions are Capt. Obvious ones, but the Dragoon one was impressive. Yet, Ness is not returning. Any news on Jigglypuff? 😀

  • JB

    Wolf is in the game. He is an alternate costume for Fox.

    I hope the MewTwo thing is wrong…

  • super mario 477

    WTF!!!!!! NO MEWTWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Letsplaywii

    @ hullbreach

    Yes, any rumours Jigglypuff & Mr. Game & Watch is returning…? ^^

  • potatoman

    I hope there is a pokey trophy

  • Taylor

    I hope he’s right. It wouldnt be a Smash Bros game without hearing ‘falcon… PUNCH!!’

  • Flyingsheep

    here we go with the rumors again… sigh.

  • MinutesToMidnightLP

    Luigi IS in the game, he is a basic secret character, they are not ruining the surprise. Also, a Galaxy stage is very possible and just a guess but Mecha Bowser could be an item. (you know from Toy Time and SMWorld’s boss)

  • MinutesToMidnightLP

    ^ *final boss

  • Sea-Bass

    Yes Taylor you are so right. Ever since the original Smash Bros, Capt. Falcon was one of my favourite even though I never seen the lad before. If you did actually hit someone with his punch it was awesome. But I take it for granted he’s in Brawl.

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  • Pigeon_Feeder

    I can assure everybody that Captain Falcon is returning(FOR SURE!). Think about it,why would they add Samurai Goroh as an assist trophy,and not have Captain Falcon. That’s just messed up!

  • scullum2001

    seriously, people, why would Capt. Falcon not be in it? he’s a Nintendo staple character from a popular series. i doubt they take him out.

  • Kanzaki55

    Mewtwo for Brawl! Mewtwo is my favorite character in Melee! HE MUST RETURN!

  • Kanzaki55

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mewtwo and Lucario together and there is absolutely no reason Mewtwo should be removed!

    Reasons why Mewtwo must return:
    1. He has a great movelist. Taking out Mewtwo would be such a waste of that list!
    3. He has a popular fanbase and is #3 coolest pokemon.
    4. He was the lead pokemon and villain in The First Movie.
    5. He’s a powerful character.

    Please, Nintendo! Do not remove Mewtwo! Do not waste such a great character and movelist! HE MUST RETURN! PLEEEEASE!! I love you, Nintendo!

  • Kanzaki55

    Let me clear some things up about Mewtwo that have been sparking up.
    1. People seing him as an assist trophy-Uh…pokemon don’t come from assist trophies, idiot! Ever seen that round red and white thing with a button in the middle?
    2. Lucario having the same moves as Mewtwo-That’s stupid! Mewtwo is psychic type, Lucario is fighting type. Fighting types fight with their fists, psychic types fight with their minds!(Mewtwo fights with both that and darkness.) They’re completely different!
    3. Mewtwo as a boss-That would be a big mistake!

    Ness, Falcon, Ganondorf, Marth, Game & Watch, and Falco came back, why can’t Mewtwo?! Nintendo and everyone else, listen. It would be a big stupid mistake to remove Mewtwo! Please, do not cut him out!! You’re better than that Nintendo! Absolutely possitively do not remove him! PLEEEASE!!

    P.S.: Brawl Central stated that just because Lucario is in does not mean Mewtwo is deconfirmed!

  • Bubby

    Finally Kanzaki55, thank you for being the only one who understands. I got Game Informer anniversary edition and they said rumors about Mewtwo were true. He is being cut!!! WHAT THE FLIP! HE GOT CUT!!! Lucario is awesome, but they put in a character that is a robot, the robot that lowers the bomb in the petey the pirhana trailer. This is stupid. Metwo was not a clone and no one cloned him. His moveset was the sickest, and before Game&Watch he was the second to last character to snag. We do all that work in melee to get him and now we don’t see him at all!!!! They also brought back toon link. He is just like young link in melee, and also toon link has the same moves as link. Why Nintendo, why?

  • Kanzaki55

    We don’t have any additional info yet and Game Informer has been starting become biased and untrustworthy. Many people who used to read Game informer agree with this so they could be lying.

  • Kanzaki55

    Also, Wikipedia said that there would be 37 characters, R.O.B. looks really fake to me because he’s already an enemy in story mode, and if Pichu isn’t returning (which he surely won’t because he’s just too weak but personally I had no problem with the little guy in Melee) why don’t they replace Pichu with Mewtwo? Mewtwo is my current absolute favorite!

    Nintendo! Sakurai! You’re making a really big stupid mistake if you leave Mewtwo out! There is absolutely no reason whatsoever he should axed and you know it! Please!! HE MUST RETURN! You introduced him in Melee, you know he has to come back as he was in Melee for Brawl! He clearly deserves to return as a playable character! Again, you know this! BRING BACK MEWTWO!!

  • Bubby

    This 37 charcter roster includes zero suit and sheik, because if u look on they have photos of the roster.

    .First go to
    .Then pick brawl as a link
    .Then pick images
    .Then hit on secrets and you’ll see the roster!

    I got it as my background on my laptop

  • Bubby

    Dude a quick link just poped up from my friend he said Mewtwo is 66% chance he will be in there but if he is we will not show him until the day of the release. He also has a quote from Sakurai, “Metwo is also one of my favorites. He was an original, because he was an original he has a big chance of coming back to the america’s version only. Now maybe you will all now know the reason for the delay’s. The reason he maybe only returning to America is becuase he wasn’t popular in Japan. The delay’s have been because of the debate and possible return of Mewtwo!”

    That makes me feel so much better knowing now that Mewtwo might be back, he is the only one missing from that roster

  • Kanzaki55

    He wasn’t popular in Japan? Okay, wierd. Also it said that he has a 10-20% chance of removal. Those chances are pretty low.

  • Bubby

    You got that right. Something tells me Mewtwo is not coming back. Look at the evidence:

    They already have 4 pokemon characters 3 of which are actual pokemon, and the other one having 3 pokemon to choose from. If Mewtwo is on this game pokemon would tie with Mario, which I get because pokemon is the 2nd top game from nintendo, but nintendo would not want to tie their mascot. Yes you said he had a 10-20% that he would not be removed, but that still leaves him with an actual chance of going away.

  • Bubby

    This does not make any sense! Ido not know why they would get rid of Mewtwo, but I think if, just IF they make a fourth installment he better be on there, or nintendo is just plain STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kanzaki55

    I said that he has a 10-20% of NOT coming back. What I meant was that his chances of being left out are low. That means he may return.

  • Bubby

    what do you think i typed 10-20% of him not going away, but that still leaves him a small chance of actually going away

  • Bubby

    Yes he still has a big chance of coming back, but the bad part is he has a chance of not coming back that is what I meant

  • Bubby

    Unless he has a 100% chance of coming back we still have something to worry about

  • Kanzaki55

    Can you beleive that there was a group people out there who actually made a petition that wanted Mewtwo gone for good?! That’s bullcrap!! There main complaint? “HEE’S 2 SLO! HEE SUX! LOLOL!1!1!XD” Too slow?! Are you shitting me?!! Bowser and Ganondorf are probably the slowest characters in the game but they never got hated! It’s as if everybody only cares about speed overall! Nothing is sacred when crazy people are actually demanding someone to be removed thus ruining the experience and also hurting fans’ feelings! People who make tier lists and anti-character petitions for Smash Bros. don’t deserve to called Nintendo fans! It’s retarded, it’s low, and it needs to stop!! MEWTWO FOR BRAWL!!! HE MUST RETURN!!! BELIEVE IT!!!

  • Kanzaki55

    And Mewtwo was NOT that slow.

  • Kanzaki55

    In fact, Mewtwo’s not slow at all!

  • Kanzaki55

    Those guys just made stupid claims that are completely untrue and stupid without thinking first because “POKEMON SUXXORS LOLROFL !!111!” Let me tell you something. Pokemon is or was probably Nintendo’s biggest franchise before Mario of Zelda.

  • Kanzaki55

    Also, a lot of morons said that Mewtwo was a clone of Samus! I have a question for these guys: Are you retarded?

  • Kanzaki55

    I just got something. Mewtwo and Roy are being added in the American version and will later the PAL and other verions but will be downloadable in the Japanese version, fully coded on all versions. The person who discovered this is very reliable because of his revealings on Advance Wars. He revealed Days of Ruin 2 days before and all units and stats before any other official source. He also had information on Advance Wars stickers in Brawl 3 weeks before it was shown on the Dojo. And nothing about this says that Mewtwo and Roy are replacing Lucario and Marth nor are Lucario and Roy replacing them. This may be some hope.

  • Kanzaki55

    Nothing said that Lucario and Marth are not replacing Mewtwo and Roy either. Mistake on the last part.

  • Kanzaki55

    And just because one special move (Aura Sphere) is similar to another (Shadow Ball) does not mean that Lucario is just like Mewtwo! When are those stupid idiots going to get that straight?!

  • BLues

    Wow….You were right about everything….
    I wish I knew who your source was…

  • BOn


  • Mewtwo

    Bon is a son of a b****!!!!!!!