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Namco Bandai: Athletic World

Namco Bandai: Athletic World

by Bradley DeLorenzoDecember 29, 2007


With the unexpected success of Wii, there are multitudes of titles that plan to get gamers moving.

Three of the top contenders yet to be released in North America are Sports Island from Hudson Soft, Nintendo’s Wii Fit, and Athletic World from Namco Bandai.

According to Namco producer Sayaki Mori his product is the only one take full advantage of both the hands and the feet.

When it comes to Wii Fit, you use the feet. When it comes to DecaSporta, “you just use the Wiimote and that’s it. But with this one, you use both,” he told Gamasutra.

It’s a combination between the mat and the Wiimote. So that’s the differentiation factor. And I’m pretty sure that this will be the only game out that uses a mat and a Wiimote at the same time.”

When challenged with the fact that Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party does indeed use both peripherals at once, localization producer Naotaka Higashiyama responded: “The concept of the game is different.”

Athletic World is scheduled to be released in 2008.

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