Hardest “Mario” game yet


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  • http://silkroadonline.net Cloud

    There is a harder mario game n youtube
    i don’t know the name and don’t have a URL, but its more impossible then this mario game^^

  • xero

    wow, this is really weird, my friend just showed me this yesterday…

    But yeah, as Cloud said. there is an actual “Impossible Mario” game

  • xero

    oops, accidently hit submit…
    *finishing comment*
    …Mario” game that is hilarious with the commentary, but there is some rather……colorful language…

  • xero

    I believe the original label on this video was “everything you know about Mario works against you”

  • Lewis

    That AS SO FREAKIN Hilarious, my stomach is sore from laughing. In Japan, there are a lot of really hard games like this that never make it to america because of the difficulty

  • Level 9


    Not to mention the blindingly painful obvious fact that there cheap hacks of already existing games… :p

    Though the quality of this one is quite good… I wonder if this was ever put to cart or if it’s only a fan made hack… Kinda hard to tell nowadays considering how well the homebrew market is doing over there…

  • http://cardfighterproject.com Ayce

    I doubt this is a rom hack. It looks more like a flash game.