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Sam And Max Confirmed for Wii

Sam And Max Confirmed for Wii

by Bradley DeLorenzoJanuary 15, 2008

There have been a numorus rumours about Sam and Max coming to Wii , but finally we can say this to be true. Almost nothing has been revealed about the game itself, just that a game is being made. Will it have an episodic format like its previous PC games or it might be something new? Hopefully more news will appear about the crime fighting, gun wielding duo.

Press release found below:

“JoWooD plant weitere seiner erfolgreichen Lizenzen aus dem Adventure Games für Nintendo Wii zu adaptieren. Eines der nächsten Projekte: Sam & Max. Als Adventure des Jahres, gewählt von den Lesern des deutschen Computerspielmagazins „PC Games“ (zu finden in der aktuellen Printausgabe 2/2008), gehen Sam & Max bald auch bei Nintendo® Wiiâ„¢ auf Verbrecherjagd.”

Translates to: “JoWooD plans to adapt more of its successful licenses into adventure games for Nintendo Wii. One of the next projects: Sam & Max. As Adventure Game of the Year, selected by the readers of the German computer game magazine (see the current edition in print 2/2008), Sam & Max will be on the PC soon, and also Nintendo Wii on a man hunt.”

Update: Telltale Games couldn’t confirm the veracity of these news. Shacknews contacted a company representative and they had this to say:

“While it’s no secret that we want to bring Sam & Max to the Wii–and it is something we’re actively pursuing–we don’t have any official news right now. When we’re in a position to confirm that we’ll be porting Sam & Max to the Wii, we’ll make an announcement about it.”

So, they don’t deny it, but it isn’t officially confirmed either.

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