Upcoming VC games

According to wii.qj.net Cruisin’ USA has recently been rated by the ESRB for the Virtual console.

Along with that wii.qj.net also mentions a popular skiing game called 1080 Snowboarding.


Could this be the surprise Nintendo is pulling out of the hat? I hope not, I think we all want Smash Bros. To me I think this may be the surprise and Nintendo may release Super Smash Bros the original sometime in March when Brawl maybe gets released. Maybe.

Note: 1080 Snowboarding is already avaliable on the Virtual Console in Japan. Nintendo is coming up on the 200th VC release so lets see what happens.


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  • traesk

    Yes! 1080!

  • chase carter

    I want super smash bros origanal PLEASE

  • http://www.xanga.com/relaxing_roth Roth

    LOL @ “skiing game”
    1080 reminds me of Coolboarders. Whatever happened to that game?
    With that, I hope they bring on the Snowboard Kids 1 + 2. Used to love those games. N64 gems~ \:D/

    // Roth

  • steve

    WHERE IS SUPER MARIO RPG AND THE LEGEND OF THE SEVEN STARS FOR THE SNES????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  • James Ingram

    can yall put out the 1993 supernintendo game pocky and rocky for the wii system that is a good game

  • Kelene Robinson

    i want illusion of gaia

  • Melanie

    can you add pocky and rocky 2 on vc

  • DARK

    wake up guys……this surprise is gonna be GOLDEN. as in the best shooter of ALL time? this has GOT to be goldeneye.