Mario Kart Wii: Releasing April 2nd?

It’s rumored that GameStop has been told by their higher ups to being accepting pre-orders for Mario Kart Wii… which should be releasing on April 2nd.

Mario Kart Wii
Everyone knows that GameStop has been wrong before. If this news is right… this means that Nintendo could have a profitable Spring with SSBB coming out in March then Mario Kart Wii in April. has said the following…

We called several local GameStops and were able to confirm truth in this. All the stores we talked to claim that Mario Kart Wii will be releasing on April 2. Additionally, you can now pre-order the game at GameStop.'

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  • taylor

    APRIL FOOLS!! kinda…

  • Josh B.

    game retailers are full of poo.

    They make these claims to get money and find out interest levels for the product.

  • teddybeer

    when this is true
    f*** you!
    SSBB comes 2 europe so fking late and MKW should be released there b4 the usa/jap!

  • Mr. Penguin

    I doubt Nintendo would release 2 of its biggest games so close to each other, even if they are in different quarters.

  • 0wen

    how come there is no info on the development of this game?

  • Wishale

    @ Penguin – I believe your right. Unless they have some hidden surprises coming then they shouldn’t release them so close together.
    If you think about it, it means that this spring they will have WiiWare, SSBB and MarioKart all coming out and that is a stupid business move.

    @ 0wen – I’m not sure, I’ll keep an eye out though.

  • DC3fanboy_NL

    hahahaha, April 2nd is my birthday. yeaaahhh. It is a good gift for me

  • JimmyDief

    April 5th is mine… I’ll have to hold off for three days if this is true.

  • Mike

    does the game come iht the wheel or not.

  • Anza

    Our listing does have it with the Wheel for 49.99, the actual ship date is April 1st, which generally means were expecting it SOME TIME in april, not exactly on the first, look at GTA we had it at April 1st/2nd for months and only now do we know (and have updated it) to the 29th.

  • Boffo

    They’re not only in different quarters, but they’re in different fiscal years, so who knows.

  • scullum2001

    Even if we don’t get it in April, I think we can be pretty sure we’ll get it sometime this year (probably Spring), so that makes me VERY happy about Wii gaming this year!

  • Cheebes

    lol, I put mine on preorder, but they told me it comes out April 1st. I’m willing to bet it’s an April fools joke~

    BUT. If it comes out the second, then fantastic!