I still have a few more seconds of my 15 min. of fame




Wow, I made into TIMES – Year in Review on the same page as Steve Jobs and Shigeru Miyamoto!

More on the Wii Sports Experiment that this TIME article is about.


About the author:

Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • wookiee

    wow congratz dude :)

  • http://www.xanga.com/relaxing_roth Roth

    Haha, the same old photo, is it even licensed?
    So unintentional, and to make even the slightest mark in a TIMES mag..
    Props homey! \:D/

    // Roth

  • http://forums.wiinintendo.net/ SirVenom

    Nice, and congrats!

  • snowwoman

    That’s pretty sweet…

  • scullum2001

    Congrats, dude! That’s pretty sweet.

  • http://wiinintendo.net noodle

    Awesome! You need to put a WiiNintendo.net watermark on it!

  • Berend Jan


  • http://www.bessone.org H-BES

    A real superstar!!!

    Ciao from Italy.


  • http://hullbreachonline.com hullbreach

    That cat in the picture doesn’t seem as happy as you do. Congrats!

  • skunkchop

    Good job damnit!

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