Panasonic Plasma: Now with Wiimote Protection!

If you weren’t a fan of the previous LCD/Plasma screen flying wiimote protector device, don’t worry. Panasonic’s got your back.

Unlike the Taiwanese alternative, Panasonic has decided to spare flat screen lovers the ordeal of, well, making their TV look like it’s being shielded from shrapnel after a well placed grenade goes off the middle of the living room.

The newly reinforced plasma screen is supposed to be able to withstand the force of a fully flung wiimote–for all you tech saavy people out there, that’s four Joules of kinetic energy. What’s clear is that Panasonic apparently believes there is some kind of market out there for people who are way overprotective of their precious high-end plasma TVs.

What isn’t so clear is why? ?

New wrist strap? Check. New wiimote jacket? Check. Fully reinforced Panasonic plasma TV? GAMETIME!

No word on how much this tank TV will cost or when you can add it to your personal wish list.'

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Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • noodle

    Saw this ages ago.

  • Canaroo

    Ages? I know the old “cover your TV with a plastic screen” thing has been out for a while, but the new line of Panasonic reinfiorced screens, I thought, was new?


  • JB

    When will TVs have the built in Sensor Bars?

  • Berend Jan

    yeah a sensor is what we need inside a TV not a screen in front of it…

  • Canaroo

    Now that is a GREAT idea! Tv with sensor bar already in it. Can anything else spell out Nintendo dominance any better?