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Rumors of next DS – “Exel”

Rumors of next DS – “Exel”

by Bradley DeLorenzoFebruary 19, 2008

ds exel
* just a mock-up

The Tech Blog liightt has reported on a few rumors for Nintendo’s next DS. The source is not cited, but all of the speculation seems, at least, somewhat feasible. Particularly, Nintendo wanting to take extra measures to curb piracy.

DS exel-Like the DS lite/light and unofficially the DS phat/fat, the exel will excel in all the things that make the DS unique. SD support (multiple formats) rather than have onboard storage for use other than firmware and firmware updates. Each system will have an ID that Nintendo will use when downloading games. The ID will also be used to cut down on piracy. Nintendo already plans to ban pirated games from wifi, at least.

Extra features will be available when downloading games that carts purchased from stores will not include. This is to extend the life of the ds similar to the attempts to extend the gameboy life (gameboy pocket, then gameboy color). Use of store bought games with the Nintendo DS exel will be optional and will be placed in the same slot as the sd reader cart. There are plans to incorporate a more multimedia experience into the firmware (possibly using an iTunes store-esque service), also there are plans to use cellular internet as well as the building on the pre-existing wireless connection features (adding WAP/WAP2 support, increasing data transfer speed). A browser will be purchasable and function similar to opera for wii. It will include a slot 2 the same size as the ds lite’s. It will not be released soon because of both the lite’s strong sales and hardware prices, as well as expanding and familiarizing the casual market with the less advanced lite model that sets it apart from the competition (Sony’s psp, also the ps3 and xbox 360) before introducing exel. Nintendo would like to price the handheld around 150 USD. There are talks about redesigning the exel for Nintendo’s next generation handheld system if the DS lite’s sales continue to dominate the market.

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