Sonic RPG DS Title Revealed, New Screenshots, etc..

Sega Europe has officially announced the title of the upcoming, Bioware-developed Sonic RPG “Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood”. They also confirmed that the title will be out at some point in 2008 for the Nintendo DS.


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  • Alex

    The name has been known for a while now..

  • Taylor

    Yeah, because when I think speed, RPGs come to mind…

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  • noodle

    Taylor: Nothing beats a storytelling RPG at Sonic the Hedgehog speeds!

  • Adam

    Jesus, this is such a shitty site. Your news reports are laughably slow or uninformed, you have no real news that hasn’t been reported somewhere else, and your grammatical skills that a few of your writers possess are terrible.

    No wonder this site has such little traffic. I only use it for, so i can check other GOOD sites for news.

  • Taylor

    … sorry?