Zelda exploit, now runs Tetris homebrew

Remember the news that was broken last week? Well, Team Twiizers didt it! They have just released the very first ELF Loader for Wii, exploiting the Zelda savegame hack.

You can even download a homebrew Tetris game to run from your SD card!

“The Twilight Hack works by employing a lengthly character name for the horse in the game (‘Epona’) in order to facilitate a stack smash. This gets triggered when talking to the man next to you when you start the savegame as he loads the name to use it in his dialog or upon entering the next zone when the game loads the horse for you to ride.”

Visit WiiBrew for download and info


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  • http://www.videogamedc.com Potatoman

    wiat a second how the frick do you do this? So from what i htink is u make a long horse name like superhorse or something and when u start the game u talk to a dude and it makes the game hacked?

  • http://www.videogamedc.com Potatoman

    bah! i hate this messed up keyboard!

  • mazer4455


    the gamesave they have you download already has a really long name for your horse…. with the long name it has to access the memory and when it does that, it loads the *future elf loader* which will then load homebrew.
    all you have to do is talk to the guy in front of you and it loads 😛

  • http://www.videogamedc.com Potatoman

    k so then the *future elf loader* makes that tetris thing start? If so does this work with the gamecube somehow?

  • http://wiinintendo.net noodle

    The ELF loader will be like a flashcart.

    But think of it like this.
    The game will only allow to make Epona’s name 10 char long. But this hack makes it 11+ and it does this.

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  • Anthony

    Why isn’t this working for me?!

  • supermcawsomevill

    Would this work for the GameCube version of Twilight Princess.