Master Hand and Crazy Hand (SSBB)

dont worry no spoilers =]


Master Hand

Fans of the series are familiar with the final boss of Classic mode, the simple but deadly Master Hand!

It’s said that Master Hand is the “manifestation of creative spirit” in this world. He also gets a perfect attendance award for his appearances. If you manage to get this far, all you’ve got left to do is beat him!


Bwa-hah-hah-hah-hah! Master Hand appears!


Beams shoot out from four of his fingers!


First he grabs you…then comes the crushing.


He charges in from the back! Quick, dodge!

And there’s another one to introduce—the “manifestation of destructive spirit,”


Crazy Hand

A lot of work went into this picture huh?


Here’s where the right hand and the left hand come together.

They appear when:

  • You arrive at the final stage and the difficulty level is set to Hard or above.
  • You arrive at the final stage in 9 minutes or less.


The way he walks is a bit…unusual.


He drops bombs. Master Hand can’t use this move.


He also writhes and thrashes around.


Crazy Hand can also get together with Master Hand and perform combo attacks!

Watch the patterns and learn to dodge their attacks. If you’re patient enough, you can win!

Both Master Hand and Crazy Hand are symbols of this world, but their very existence is still quite mysterious.

Oh, and by the way, Master Hand also appears in The Subspace Emissary.'

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    zomg no spoiler tags and full post on the 1st page

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  • Bob

    thanks for spoiling that master hand is in the game i didn’t know up till now it was gonna be a suprise ;@(

  • Ben

    Bob, get over it.
    Its master hand, you should expect it to be in there before you even get this game.

  • pudge

    yeah… i knew master hand was going to be in the game. i’ve already beat him a like a thousand times

  • pudge

    get over it

  • Anomis

    both master and crazy hand r easy to beat lolz

  • SirWetBiscuitJr

    Bob was being sarcastic…

  • Crazy Hand

    Master Hand Evovolevs to MONSTER HAND
    Crazy Hand Evovolevs to CSICO HAND


  • JustinRomero

    WTF? Nobody evolves. If he duz, prove it then!