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Wiiware: Pokemon Ranch Update

Wiiware: Pokemon Ranch Update

by Bradley DeLorenzoFebruary 27, 2008

The game will feature connectivity with Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, allowing players to view and spend time with the Pokemon they’ve collected in the DS titles.

This isn’t just a lifeless Pokemon management tool, though. Nintendo has given the game a set of characters — well, one at least. The ranch where you raise your Pokemon was built and is owned by Yukari, a girl who happens to be a friend of Mizuki, a character from the Japanese Diamond & Pearl.

Pokemon Ranch offers more than just a spreadsheet style view of your Pokemon collection. Once you’ve transfered your Pokemon over from Diamond & Pearl, your Pokefriends appear on Yukari’s ranch in full 3D. They’ll dance, parade around, and show off all sorts of other animations. Yukari herself will also interact with the Pokemon, as will your Miis.

No price has yet announced for this “game”, but like the already launched Everybody Votes and Check Mii Out channels, it may end up being free. Everyone’s Pokemon Ranch launches in Japan sometime in March, so we’ll know soon enough.


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