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by Bradley DeLorenzoFebruary 28, 2008



It’s the Aura Pokémon, Lucario. Lucario is a Pokémon, but for some reason, there’s something lonesome about it.

Lucario’s inner power, called Aura, increases its power in proportion to the danger Lucario is in. Keep the fight lively with Lucario’s high-risk, high-reward fighting style!

screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot

How to Unlock

Lucario’s Special Moves
Standard Special Move Aura Sphere
Side Special Move Force Palm
Up Special Move ExtremeSpeed
Down Special Move Double Team
Final Smash Aura Storm


Lucario uses a graceful, self-developed style of martial arts. Take care when fighting Lucario, because its reach extends farther than the length of its limbs.


Even from a distance like this…


Lucario’s hits connect!

If you’re going to name one distinctive feature about Lucario, you’ve simply got to mention the Aura abilities.


Here you can see Lucario’s Aura emanating from its hand.

In Smash Bros., Aura strengthens Lucario’s attacks according to how much damage Lucario has taken. The higher your damage percentage, the stronger your hits will be.

Lucario at high damage is a force to be feared.


Lucario’s Aura-based attacks have an ethereal field surrounding them.

<Standard Special Move: Aura Sphere>

The size of Lucario’s Aura Sphere serves as a rough indicator of the current strength of Lucario’s Aura.


Even the size of a fully charged Aura Sphere…


Changes dramatically!

The damage and speed of the projectile also increase, of course.

<Side Special Move: Force Palm>

This useful move hits enemies with an Aura attack when used from a distance, and changes to a close-range attack when performed near an enemy.


Here’s Force Palm at a distance.


And again, performed in close-quarters combat.

<Down Special Move: Double Team>

Time Double Team so that an enemy attack connects with you, and Lucario will launch into a counterattack.



Now, if an attack makes contact with Lucario while this is going on…


Lucario splits into two!


And launches a surprise attack to counter!

This attack also receives a boost in strength proportionate to your damage percentage courtesy of Lucario’s Aura ability.

Let me tell you, when you flash the opponent one of those “I’m wide open” poses and then counter their strike, if feels ridiculously good.

<Final Smash: Aura Storm>


Behold the true power of Aura!



For Aura Storm, Lucario jumps high into the air and releases a ferocious Aura beam.

To really use this move effectively, you’ve got to direct the heading of the beam by pressing left and right on the Control Stick. Try tilting the Control Stick in the direction of the enemy you want to blast before Lucario releases the beam.

As a side note, there are moments in the game where Lucario appears to be speaking, but it’s not actual speech—it’s a sort of telepathy it uses.

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