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The arcade game Donkey Kong first appeared in 1981, and with it, the world’s most famous video-game characters, Mario and Donkey Kong, were born.

Two years later, another version of the game appeared for the first FamiCom console. Both versions were amazing given the technology at the time.

So, we wanted to try to faithfully recreate those screens here!

How to Unlock


You… You’re kidding, right?

75 meters is the height of the uppermost part of the construction site where Donkey Kong flees.


This stage is very big, with lots of narrow scaffolding and footholds.

This stage is a bit strange—it feels pretty free, but at the same time, kind of restricted.

Items can also have a big effect here—or be completely useless.

This stage has a flavor to it that isn’t found anywhere else.


Even a lady’s purse and a jack show up.


In Japan this was named a “trouble bug.” (…Is it really a bug?)

Sometimes retro is cool. Why not try some of those up-and-coming characters and see how they handle the old-school style?


When Donkey Kong hits you, it hurts!

The original Donkey Kong game also appears in Masterpieces mode, and I’ve set it up so you can start at 75m.


Wow! They’re exactly the same!'

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  • scullum2001

    pretty sweet. considering others have already tried to make their own donkey kong level on the editor (japanese version), this is cool that we don’t really have to try and make it. it’a already done.

  • Potatoman

    i think its really neat i have this for my ds