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WiiNintendo’s hidden gems

WiiNintendo’s hidden gems

by Bradley DeLorenzoMarch 4, 2008


The WiiFeed –

WiiFeed has been around since this site started, I think very few people realize it’s on this site.  Most assume it’s just an RSS feed of

WiiFeed is an area of WiiNintendo (that got it’s own domain) and is a one stop resource for up to the minute news/videos/photos about the Wii, we compiled 30+ resources updated every few seconds:

– WiiNintendo
– GoNintendo
– Nintendo Wii Fanboy
– IGN Wii
– Gamespot Wii
– Destructoid Wii
– YouTube – Broadcast Your Wii
– Kotaku Wii
– QJ Wii
– Digg – Upcoming Wii articles
– Nintendo Wii Zone
– Codename Revolution
– Infendo
– Flickr – Wii
– DS Fanboy
– The Tanooki
– Wii Hacks
– Metacritic – Wii Reviews
– Game Daily Wii
– GameTrailers Wii
– GBATemp Forums
– Nintendo-Scene
– GamePro Wii
– Wii-Live
– Google – Wii Blog Search
– Nintendo World Report

In addition to just reading the feeds you can upload photos to a public Flickr account and have them appear in the WiiFeed.

If you have more suggestions about feeds we should include leave us a comment.

Visit WiiFeed (Also, always available in the “Sections” on the right)



WiiFuse Forums –

WiiNintendo’s forums, WiiFuse, has also been around for almost 2 years now.  I neglated the forums for a while, but about 6 months ago I revamped them and since then we have nearly 36,000 posts and closing in on 2,000 members.

Everyone in the forum is really nice, the majority of our members always comment on how helpful the people there are and it’s a very structured fun place to be.

We have weekly contests in there and online gaming nights with tons of prize give-a-ways.

Visit WiiFuse (Also, always available up top [in blue] or in the sections on the right [in green]) 

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