Brawl copies not working? Nintendo is already on the case

Disc read errors are popping up. It appears that Nintendo already knows about this, and has set up a special web page to help out:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl utilizes a double-layer disc which has a large memory capacity. A very small percentage of Wii consoles may have trouble consistently reading data off this large capacity disc if there is some contamination on the lens of the disc drive. Nintendo has specialized cleaning equipment that can resolve this problem. (Please do NOT attempt to clean the lens yourself, as you may damage the system.)

“How can I get this fixed and how long will it take?”
If you are experiencing disc read errors, please utilize the form below to request a repair order. Nintendo is upgrading inbound and outbound shipping to expedite the total repair process. Specific repair times will be provided as you fill out the repair form below. There is no cost for the repair or shipping. Please note: returning the game to the retail store will not solve the problem. So we encourage users who are experiencing issues with playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl to utilize this repair order process.

“What if I have Virtual Console games or other stored data on my Wii console?”
Due to the nature of this particular issue, you should not lose any of your stored data. In some rare cases you may have to re-download your Virtual Console games from the Wii Shop Channel, but there is no cost to doing so.

“Who can use this form?”
Consumers who are at least 13 years old, and live in:

* The continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii
* Puerto Rico
* U.S. Territories (such as Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands)
* APO/FPO addresses

Repair Form
To begin the repair process, please complete this short repair form. After you submit this form, you will be sent an e-mail with complete instructions on how to proceed with your free factory repair. Please ensure you provide a valid e-mail address.'

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  • Rob

    Yes, but if you have a modchip. You’re FUCKED!

    Thanks nintendo!!!!

  • Pigeon_Feeder

    Crap…this happened to me,and I already sent in my copy of Brawl

    I was like WTF?!?! and then I looked it up,and I filled out the form and followed 3 hour instructions until I finally shipped out my wii

    Now I have to go a long time without brawl,or any wii for that matter

  • taylor

    Cant you just clean it with canned air? Spray it through the slot and all the vents? And if you can open it up for a modchip, you can open it up to clean it.

  • Pigeon_Feeder

    really…..are you sure?

  • Leo

    Fuck You Nintendo, I want to play NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • taylor

    Then try canned air. Worked for other people I asked. What have you got to lose?

  • Bob

    only your nintendo wii console altogether.

    so, not much.

  • Jonathan

    O MY FUCKING GOD. I GET BRAWL. I PLAYED FOR * HOURS AND NOTHING HAPPENED. I am not sending my wii in after al the shit I did to get a wii and all the time I waited for brawl.

  • Derek

    @ jonathan:
    Why would you? you dont need to if the game is working fine…

  • ???

    modchip rulez got brawl since 3.2 PAL !

  • Pigeon_Feeder

    It’s too late for canned air

    I already shipped it…:(